A ‘full’ Google Play experience coming to Google TV in the next few months

A ‘full’ Google Play experience coming to Google TV in the next few months

Today at its I/O event, Google announced that it is bring its Play product, a marketplace and distribution hub that vends and delivers digital content from games to video to apps, to Google TV.

The company recently added magazines to the Play store.

This annoucement is more boon for Google TV than Google Play, it would seem, as Play is quite popular thanks to the Android platform, while Google TV as a platform and product has struggled to gain market share.

Google also made it known that it intends to release various new APIs, along with ‘libraries and code’ that will assist developers get into building for a TV environment. Just as mobile work is quite different from standard web development, so too is app creation for a TV quite separate from building a program for a different screen.

Google has released a veritable slew of updates to its product lines over the last two days. To get fully caught up, head here for a full dose of TNW’s coverage.

Of the announcement itself, I would posit that that the addition of Google Play’s video content is the most important addition to Google TV. According to Google’s notes on the release, the integration will add “more than 100,000 TV episodes and movies.” That will make any Google TV unit a jukebox of video content. Perhaps that amount of available material will boost its market profile.

Top Image Credit: Beraldo Leal

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