Google Books Lands in Germany

Google Books Lands in Germany

Google Books launched to the public back in 2010, where it was available in the US only initially. It has since hit the likes of the UK, where it launched last October, and now news of its launch in Germany has emerged, via The Unwired.

The Internet giant’s online repository of eBooks once existed as a separate eBookstore, but when Google Play was launched earlier this year to replace Android Market, Books was reeled in alongside apps, movies and all Google’s multimedia content.

Google Books is accessible from laptops, tablets and smartphones, and users can buy, save and read them directly from the cloud. There’s also a selection of classic books available for free.

Earlier this week Google announced it had finally settled its long-running spat with French publishers over its book-digitization project. Since Google launched the project back in 2004 (then known as Google Print) Google has digitized more than 20m books.

Its arrival in Germany will be a big boost for the Internet giant, and will provide yet another alternative to the likes of Amazon’s eBooks.

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