Google updates its APIs Explorer with a fresh new look

Google updates its APIs Explorer with a fresh new look

Continuing Google’s spring cleaning, the Google APIs Explorer has just received a redesign that makes the overall experience much prettier, mirroring the latest Search, Docs and Drive experience. Only last March, Google first introduced the APIs Explorer, and this update, while it doesn’t have much of a technical impact on the search giant’s offerings, shows a continued commitment to aesthetics.

With this redesign, Google’s Antonio Fuentes and Jake Moshenko are touting that the Explorer now supports over two dozen Google APIs. Functionally, the team has also added an indicator to show which methods require authenticated requests.

To get started, here are some sample requests you can try in the Explorer, as provided by Google:

As announced on Google’s Developer blog, the APIs Explorer serves to help anyone get started using Google APIs in minutes. If you need more information, you can visit the documentation and feel free to submit your own feedback in the Public Forum.

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