Google Offers and indoor walking directions come to the newest Google Maps for Android

Google Offers and indoor walking directions come to the newest Google Maps for Android

Google Maps for Android version 6.7 is now available and features Google Offers integration and indoor walking directions at participating venues. According to the announcement, Google Offers is currently U.S. only, but it appears that indoor walking directions extend to Japan at the very least.

Since launch, Google Offers hasn’t quite taken off and it seems the entire daily deals space is on the decline. That said, this integration with Google Maps should boost Offers’ potential, allowing users to see and purchase deals nearby.

As for indoor walking directions, Google originally launched indoor maps in the U.S. and Japan through Google Maps for Android last November. Since then, business owners have been adding their floor plans to maps using Google Maps Floor Plans. Today, we can now see the fruit of their labors, with indoor walking directions available at participating venues, which include branches of Macy’s and Toyjoy.

From Google:

Today, in the U.S. only, we’re launching a way to discover nearby Google Offers in Google Maps for Android. To see great deals near you, tap on “Maps” to open the dropdown menu and then tap on “Offers.” If you see something you like you can click on it to learn more. Some Google Offers can be purchased and saved for later while others are immediately available for free.

With free Google Offers, press “Use now” to redeem instantly or “Save for later” for future use. You can also opt-in to receive notifications in the app when there are offers near you.

This update also brings 360-degree panoramic views inside businesses, “using Street View technologies.” To access these 360-degree panoramic views, look for the “See Inside” section on the Place page of select businesses.

Though Google Maps for iOS hasn’t received love lately, its Android brethren is certainly getting attention today. You can download this update via the link below.

➤ Google Maps 6.7, via Google Play

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