Starting a Hangout on Air with Google+ just got a lot more responsibility added to it

Starting a Hangout on Air with Google+ just got a lot more responsibility added to it

We let you know about the release of a new Google+ Hangout feature called “Hangouts on Air” which will allow anyone to broadcast a Hangout live as well as archive it on YouTube for later viewing.

This technology is super powerful, and apparently comes with a lot of responsibility if you choose to use it to start one of your own.

Just in case you don’t make it a practice to read the terms of service for your favorite sites and features, there are people who do. The Sociable noticed a change to the Google+ Policies and Principles under the heading of:

Google+ Hangouts On Air – additional terms

Here’s Google’s way of telling you that if you start a Hangout on Air then you are responsible for the contents of what happens during the broadcast when it’s live and when it’s archived afterwards.

You are responsible for all content included in a Hangout On Air which you initiate

You are responsible for ensuring all content included in a Hangout On Air initiated by you complies with this Agreement, including content provided by other participants who may join you in the Hangout. Please choose participants you wish to invite to this Hangout carefully, and if necessary use the blocking feature to stop someone else participating in your Hangout.

Google is offering you a trial of a feature that allows you to live stream Hangouts (the “Live Content”) through Google+ and YouTube. The Live Content will also be recorded and automatically uploaded to your YouTube account at the end of the Hangout for subsequent viewing (the “Archived Content”). The Archived Content will also immediately replace the live stream so than anyone you have shares the Live Content with will also be able to view the Archived Content.

By using Hangouts On Air (the “Service”) you accept and agree to be bound by the Google Terms of Service, the Google+ user content and conduct policy, the privacy policy, the YouTube terms of service, as well as these additional terms and conditions (the “Agreement”). It is important for you to read each of these documents, as they form a legal agreement between you and Google regarding your use of the Service

This sounds like fair warning that Google will hold you responsible for broadcasting copyrighted content, like a live sporting event or streamed music, and in the rare case of something worse….like porn. Even if you’re not the member of the conversation that is in the wrong, you will be held accountable as the “moderator” since you started the Hangout.

So be aware of who you invite to your broadcasted Hangouts, if they act like a moron they can get you into some pretty hot water.

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