Google Currents launches internationally with dynamic sync and automatic translation

Google Currents launches internationally with dynamic sync and automatic translation

Google has today announced that its Google Currents app has launched worldwide in any country that has access to the Google Play or App Store markets. The app had previously launched in the U.S., where 400 publisher editions and 14K self-produced editions are available.

Seen as a competitor to dynamic tablet magazines like Flipboard, Pulse and Zite, Google Currents aggregates content from multiple sources online to build a digital digest.

Google Currents 1.1 is available in multiple languages worldwide, with a built-in translation feature for publishers and local users can begin adding content via the Google Currents Producer. The new version of the app also features a ‘dynamic sync’ feature which fills out your edition of Currents with reading content localized to your area in quicker fashion.

If you’re an international publisher using the Producer app, you can begin adding local content for the new international audience. You can choose whether to publish it in a local language, or whether to enable automatic translation using Google’s services. Several publishers, including The Guardian in the UK, LaStampa in Italy, Financial Times Deutschland in Germany, ABC News in Australia, Neue Zürcher Zeitung in Switzerland and Hindustan Times in India have are already producing local editions in the new Currents.

The automatic translation is handled by Google Translate, is available in 38 languages and is accessible with a tap of the ‘translate’ icon.

The dynamic sync feature takes into account your connection speed, the battery level of your device, and the storage you have available in order to get you new content without hogging resources. You can also choose to have editions downloaded completely for offline reading.

You can get Google Currents on the App Store here and on Google Play here.

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