Google Analytics may soon be used to measure Google+ Pages

Google Analytics may soon be used to measure Google+ Pages

Brands may be about to see more incentive to jump aboard the Google+ bandwagon, as new reports show that the social platform may see itself connected with Analytics.

According to two different reports from WebSonic and DutchCowboys, a confidential Google presentation shows promo graphics which showcase the ability to track page activity with Google Analytics.

Facebook has long offered its own page traffic data to brands, but Google’s product is far more sophisticated. At the moment, we aren’t sure if users will ever be able to track their own pages, but it’s almost certain that brands will soon. Per the leaked screenshots, Audi looks to be already using the tool.

From State of Search:

To measure a page you only have to make a new profile in Analytics and then paste the unique tracking ID in the settings from the Google+ page, this is the same way you can currently measure Picasa Web Albums. Also there is a button to make a new Analytics profile directly from within the page. By measuring a page this way the statistics are separately from a existing profile so you can’t combine it with a existing profile from your own company website.

It’s also important to note that other Google properties like Picasa have long been integrated with Analytics. And since Google+ received top billing over Android in Larry Pages’ Update from the CEO, it makes sense that the social platform would be next on the list. It seems all of Google is fast becoming interconnected, which should only serve to help fortify the company in the long run.

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