Blogger users can now add photos and videos to posts using their webcams

Blogger users can now add photos and videos to posts using their webcams

Just one day after rolling out Google+ widgets for Blogger, Google has added yet another new feature to its blogging platform – the ability to add photos and videos using your webcam.

The new feature is pretty straightforward:

To add photos from your webcam, choose “Insert Image”, select “from your webcam” and take a few snapshots. We’ll keep the last three, and you can pick the best one to keep in your post.

To get a sense of what it looks like, check out the screenshot below:

This is a feature that gives Blogger a one-up on WordPress and Tumblr, although we’re not sure that’s such a good thing. While it certainly gives users the ability to add a bit of personality to their posts, it could easily degenerate into a narcissistic avalanche of pouty photos, the kind of which we’ve become all too accustomed to seeing on Facebook.

With video, on the other hand, it makes it easier than ever to share video blogs with readers, and this is the real strength of the new feature – turning Blogger into a vlogging tool unto itself.

Over the past year, Google has been slowly rolling out new features and services to its blogging platform, including threaded comments and an iPhone app,  as well as overhauling Blogger’s interface, bringing it in line with the rest of its products.

As it continues to integrate Google+ with all of its products, Blogger has certainly been no exception, and this latest feature, while not related to the social network, certainly has a social element to it.

It also seems like a natural progression of a feature that we’ve come to expect from any social smartphone app – adding images using our devices’ cameras.

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