Google+ leads to the publication of a photography book and $10,000 in limited edition sales

Google+ leads to the publication of a photography book and $10,000 in limited edition sales

If you spend any serious amount of time on Google+ you’ll know that it has one of the most vibrant photography communities found on any social network. The sense of community on Google+ is far more tangible than other photographer-oriented sites like Flickr.

So it’s not in the least bit surprising to find that a group of Google+ photographers have banded together to create a gorgeous collection of photographs – available as an ebook ($5), and in print in both hardcover ($75) and paperback ($65).

The Plus One Collection was created with two main ideas in mind – one was to give these photographers the chance to see their photographs in print:

“In today’s digital world, most photographs aren’t printed, and never become something tangible. Looking at photographs printed on paper is a very powerful experience. When photographs are tangible, they tend to last longer – in our minds and in our art collections.”

The second reason turned the publication into a good cause:

“…We hope to raise funds for a good cause to give back to our world. All net proceeds from the sales of the book will be donated to Kiva, a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.”

The print edition contains 193 photographs, while the ebook contains the work of over 500 photographers from 53 different countries who responded to the submission call. According to the site, an iOS app will also be available.

Some of the prominent photographers whose work appears in the collection includes Thomas Hawk, Lotus Carroll and Trey Ratcliff, the photographer behind the gorgeous iPad app, Stuck on Earth, with quite a few up and coming names making it in there as well.

The Plus One Collection is the ultimate online collaboration. Submissions were accepted on Google+, with all decisions made collaboratively, the book was printed through a Blurb partnership, and proceeds will benefit microloan crowdsourcing site, Kiva.

So how are sales doing so far? Makarov announced that almost $10,000 was raised through the sale of a limited edition, while sales of the paperback and hardcover editions brought in $1,772 in the space of two days.

The limited edition has sold out, but print copies are still available, and have started shipping, with quite a few unboxing posts finding their way on to Google+.

Makarov told Forbes that the publication of the book may become an annual event.

All statistical studies of how well or badly Google+ might be doing aside, it’s things like this that are far more telling about levels of engagement and community interaction.

This is not the only example of how the photography community is collaborating and engaging on Google+. Check out our list of six cool activities taking place on Google+, a few of which are focused entirely on photography.

➤ Plus One Collection | Google+ Page

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