Google confirms that it has hired Kevin Rose and other Milk employees for its ‘social efforts’

Google confirms that it has hired Kevin Rose and other Milk employees for its ‘social efforts’ ...

Google’s head of communications Bradley Horowitz has today confirmed that the company has hired Kevin Rose and other members of the Milk team.

It’s with excitement that I can confirm the rumors that +Kevin Rose +Daniel Burka (and other Milk folks) have joined Google!

I’ve had a chance to get to know Kevin and Daniel a bit over the years, and have been truly impressed with the quality, depth and thoughtfulness of their work. They’re going to fit in really well here, and I’m excited to welcome them to Google!

In a corresponding post on Google+, Rose also confirmed that he would be joining Google. He also names other members of the team including Daniel Burka, Chris Hutchins and Joshua Lane. “It’s been a privilege to use Google products over the years (I still remember begging for a Gmail invite),” said Rose, “and I can’t wait to be a part of the amazing team that is shaping the future of the web. :).”

Word that Rose had been hired on by Google surfaced yesterday via an All Things D report and as the story progressed it became clear that more members of the Milk team would be joining Rose there.

Google sent out this statement to The Next Web:

Kevin Rose has an incredible track record of executing on big ideas, and we’re looking forward to working with him and his team from Milk on our social efforts across Google.

It is still unclear exactly Google will be utilizing the members of the Milk product team, but from the statement about ‘social efforts’, it appears that they will be tackling Google+ development. The Milk team had just announced that it would be shutting down its first project, the ratings app Oink, after only a few months in operation.

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