Google+ buttons get big changes, and now you can get Follow badges too

Google+ buttons get big changes, and now you can get Follow badges too

It’s been a pretty quick run for the buttons of Google+. From inception to their first major overhaul it’s been a timeline of only a few months. Now, according to a blog post. you’re about to get better functionality all around.

Easier sharing comes to the +1 button as you’ll get an instant opening share box without a second click. If you just want to +1 a post, do so and move on. But if you want to add commentary and share it, you can.

Adding brand pages will look a bit different now, too, as Google+ is changing the badges to read “Follow”. A single click will add the brand page to your “Following” circle. If you want to move it elsewhere, you can.

If you consider yourself the superstar type, you can now add a badge for yourself. OK, superstardom isn’t needed, I suppose, as it’s nice to just have a Follow button that you can stick on a page of your choice. There’s a few things that you can customize, which you do all from this page, but then it’s just a matter of copying and pasting a code to put your Follow badge wherever you’d like.

That single-click sharing is sure going to be handy, and with Google+ brand pages outpacing Twitter’s offering by 4x, there will surely be loads of people using the revamped Follow button. Have some thoughts? We’d love to hear them in the comments.

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