Google nags ego-searchers to complete Google+ profiles

Google nags ego-searchers to complete Google+ profiles

I’ll admit it, I Google myself from time to time. There’s no excuse for it really, it’s pure vanity. I’m sure that I’m not alone in this practice, and apparently Google is aware of that fact.

With “Search Plus Your World” turning its search engine into a wonderland for its social product, Google+, the company is now taking advantage of the fact that you may in fact Google yourself too.

During an R&D ego search today, I found that Google is now asking me to complete my profile on Google+:

I was pretty surprised that the request from Google took up so much real-estate in the search results, but I suppose that the company is trying everything to get people to come back and continue to use the product. As you might remember, the company announced that Google+ has 90 million global users, with 60% active engagement. This would appear to be a tactic to increase those engagement numbers.

Along with Google adding “Ask on Google+” links to the bottom of all of its search results, it looks like every facet of its social network will begin creeping up into search, which is of course its biggest product.

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