Google launches new carousel view for image search results on tablets

Google launches new carousel view for image search results on tablets

Back in July we reported that Google had started testing a new sleek tablet-friendly search layout, which included features such as a bar across the top of the screen, replacing the previous sidebar navigation, complete with drop-down menus for filtering results. It also updated features to include larger touch targets and enhanced image viewing to make searching easier.

Now, Google is rolling out more changes to the way that search works on tablets. Nathan Beach, Product Manager at Google, wrote in a blog post earlier today that iPads and Android tablets will be getting a new image carousel to allow users to view large image results within a few swipes.

“As someone who enjoys being outdoors, I like exploring beautiful images of nature”, says Beach. “With the new image carousel, I can discover photos of bright sea anemones or colorful lorikeet birds on my tablet in a more interactive and immersive way.”

So when you tap on an image result, it will expand in the carousel view and you can swipe through the search results. You can also learn more about an image by tapping on the Web page preview, title, description or URL, which will take you directly to the page in question.

Here’s the official Google video demoing the feature:

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