Hangout on Google+ like a pro with your own custom lower third graphic

Hangout on Google+ like a pro with your own custom lower third graphic

If you enjoy Google+ Hangouts, you know that there’s a lot of things you can do to spice up your video stream.

Using software like CamTwist for Macs, or WebcamMax for PCs, you can add graphics to go on top of your video stream.

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The site HangoutGraphics lets you create your own custom “lower third”, you know…the image that sits at the bottom of every newscast in the world. It only takes a few seconds, and you’re all set.

Pic an icon, add your info

It’s as simple as adding your name and whatever title you’d like to go on your graphic, along with what Google+ icon you’d like to appear with it.

When you’re in a Google Hangout, you might not be familiar with the person who’s talking, so this will definitely help that. The other great use for a HangoutGraphic is if you’re conducting an interview with someone, or having an official Q&A session with people from your company. This way, the audience will know who’s speaking, and what their function is at the company.

Here’s my custom lower third, be on the lookout for it the next time I hangout on Google+!

Pretty fancy if I do say so myself.


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