Extended Share for Google+ turns your stream into a Bat Signal

Extended Share for Google+ turns your stream into a Bat Signal

As you know, there is no quick way to share Google+ posts on any other social network. It’s the type of feature that used to drive traffic back to popular conversation engine FriendFeed before it was purchased by Facebook.

In the same way that FriendFeed was a great place to have a full cohesive conversation, Google+ lets you chat with people in real-time without being as fractured and incoherently assembled of an experience as replying to people on Twitter can be.

What Google+ lacks in features, third-party developers are more than making up for with extensions and add-ons for Google’s web browser, Chrome.

One handy Chrome extension is called Extended Share for Google Plus, and it does exactly what it sounds like it does.

Bat signal +

Starting a conversation on Google+ and sharing that link on other social networks is kind of like sending a bat signal out to your friends and followers, asking them to come to a place where “chatting” is better supported.

When you install this Google+ Chrome Extension, you’ll notice that a new “Share On” button pops up next to the existing share button that simply lets you share someone’s Google+ post on your stream.

Now you can send out any Google+ post link to a slew of services including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous, Reddit, Digg, and StumbleUpon. The preferences for Extended Share let you choose the services you’d like to see show up when you click “Share On” within Google+.

While sharing Google+ links could annoy your Facebook and Twitter friends, it is quite useful if you’re really looking to generate a worthwhile discussion about the topic you’ve posted about. I’ve found that Google+ beats out most services for group conversations, and while the comment system isn’t threaded like it should be, it’s extremely easy to follow a real-time conversation on the service.

While this is a feature that the Google+ team could easily integrate into the service, it’s best left to third-party developers to figure out what services should be included in such a sharing list.

Extended Share for Google Plus

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