Google+ drops a Movember-inspired easter egg into Hangouts

Google+ drops a Movember-inspired easter egg into Hangouts

Over one million mustaches have already been grown for Movember, the social good movement using upper lips to make a visual stand against cancer. Even Google appears to be jumping on board, dropping a nifty video effect into Google+ Hangouts that allows even those incapable of growing interesting facial hair to don their own hipster-tastic ‘stache for November.

We received a tip today from one of our fantastic readers on The Next Web who discovered this awesome effect. We’re not sure if the feature has been rolled to all users just yet, but it doesn’t hurt to take a peek!

To get access to Google+’s new mustache feature, merely look towards the icon on the bottom-dashboard of your Google+ Hangout session. This will allow you to toggle your new facial-hair friend on and off, while the effect tracks your movement and stays glued to your face even as you sway across the screen.

If you’ve been dying to grow your own mustache for Movember but just haven’t had the patience to let that sucker bloom on your face (or if you’re physically incapable of growing upper lip hair), definitely hop onto Google+ Hangouts and snag a screenshot of yourself donning the new mustache effect. And if you’re lazy like I am, you can always just giggle at the amusing pictures everyone else will be taking.

Take a peek at the rocking Google+ Hangout mustache below:

For the rest of you: Send us a screenshot of yourself donning the new Google+ mustache! We’d love to check it out (while discretely pointing and laughing, of course).

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