Google+ confirms Pages getting multi-admin and ownership transfer

Google+ confirms Pages getting multi-admin and ownership transfer

The Google+ for Nonprofits account has posted a notice that telegraphs a couple of new features coming to the service. After hosting a hangout earlier in the week, a couple of requests had bubbled up in the conversation.

Specifically, support for having multiple administrators for one page and support for transferring the ownership of a page. Both of those features are said to be coming to Google+.

We received several feature requests for Google+ pages. Most popular were the requests for multi-admin and ownership transfer functionality. We’re happy to say both of these features are coming to Google+ pages. Google Checkout integration was also a popular feature request from nonprofits. We will relay that to the Google+ team. Thanks for all the feedback!

Having multiple administrators for one page is an important feature, not just for non-profits, but also for any company using G+ as a community interaction service. Smaller companies may have just one person on their social team, but there may very well be times when multiple users may need to quickly address an issue with an official comment, which is what makes networks like Google+ so powerful for companies.

While company pages won’t likely need to change hands all that often, transfer of ownership comes up a lot when applied to smaller blogs or fansites. Often a project becomes overwhelming or interest wanes and the starter of the page may want to shuffle it off to the next in line.

The team also said that Google Checkout integration for pages was a popular request and said that it would relay that request on to the Google+ engineers.

Google+ has been smoothly and steadily adding features to its service, incorporating many features of other social sites like Twitter’s trending topics and some spiffy photo filters.

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