Google Calendar launches “Suggested Times” feature

Google Calendar launches “Suggested Times” feature

Google continues to roll out updates that focus on usability of its existing products. Today, the company announced the addition of a feature called “Suggested Times” to its Google Calendar product.

The Gmail team had this to say on its blog about the new feature:

Creating an event is easy, but finding a time that works for everyone is sometimes tricky and time consuming. To make this easier and save you time, we’ve added a new ‘Suggested times’ feature to Google Calendar.

To get started, create a calendar event, add guests and click Suggested times. The resulting list will include upcoming times where all participants are available. For example if you want to create an hour long meeting with Kara, and she already has an hour long meeting at 3pm, then times like 2pm and 4pm will be suggested.

The feature is quite useful, because the worst part about setting up meetings is when people can’t make it and they respond with “No”. This causes you to have to send out a new invite, confusing everyone involved. If your entire company is using Google Apps, suggested times for meetings based on your colleagues calendar is brilliant and will save you a lot of time and headaches.

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