Googlers carve real-life Doodle into giant pumpkins for Halloween [Video]

Googlers carve real-life Doodle into giant pumpkins for Halloween [Video]

The holiday spirit is in the air and those crazy folks over at Mountain View, California are up to no good. You know what’s better than a scary Google Doodle for October 31? A not-so-scary Google Doodle carved into real-life pumpkins on the company’s campus!

Google Doodler (yes, that is a real title) Sophia Foster-Dimino posted a couple of videos on the official Google blog to show us the amazing new products giant pumpkin carvings the people at the company have been working on. They brought in six of them—“some weighing well over 1,000 pounds”—one for each letter of the Google logo, and got to work.

Here’s a look at what they ended up with:

The video runs for just forty seconds but the Google folks spent eight hours working on their creations, with some even dressed up in Halloween costumes (as you can sometimes see in the videos), and they have a making-of video for us as well. A sneak peak behind the scenes follows:

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