Google Wallet teams up with Sprint and Samsung to showcase service in-store

Google Wallet teams up with Sprint and Samsung to showcase service in-store

The Next Web first got a peek at Google Wallet back in May, and the NFC-driven wallet went live in September. And in a blog post earlier today, Keren Michelson, Product Marketing at Google Wallet, announced it was teaming up with Sprint and Samsung to embark on a roadshow to help consumers get to grips with Google Wallet ‘in situ’.

From now until January, Google will be visiting stores in the five key cities where Google Wallet is live – New York, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. It will set-up half-day events to demo Google Wallet and actually help customers pay for goods with the service. Participants will be motivated to take part too, as they’ll receive $10 towards their purchase when they pay using one of Samsung’s Nexus S demo phones.

Stores on the radar include Duane Reade, Jamba Juice, Walgreens, Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Foot Locker and Fat Witch Bakery, among others. Google Wallet will be in each city on the following dates:

New York: Oct. 17 – Nov. 13
Chicago: Oct. 17 – Nov. 13
Washington, DC: Nov. 15 – Dec. 12
San Francisco: Nov. 15 – Dec. 12
Los Angeles: Dec. 14 – Jan. 12

The series of events follow hot on the heels of another promo initiative Google held a few weeks back, as we reported when employees decked out in Google Wallet gear headed into stores such as Duane Reade, Toyrs R Us and Macy’s, approached customers with Android phones and pitch the Google Wallet experience whilst offering to pay for their purchases in full.

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