Google says Black Swan and Angry Birds are the most popular Halloween costumes this year

Google says Black Swan and Angry Birds are the most popular Halloween costumes this year

According to Google, Angry Birds has been the most popular Halloween costume search up until this month. The game is now facing another feathered adversary.

The company shared these hard-hitting insights today, explaining the bird-brained nature of this years Halloween trends:

This year seems to be about the battle of the birds. Searches for [angry birds costume], based on the game phenomenon that has so many of us addicted, have been steadily rising in 2011, and we’re seeing 10 times more search volume this year than last. But as of mid-October, the Angry Birds were overtaken in search by [black swan costume]. The Darren Aronofsky ballet drama seems poised to be the most popular costume idea by All Hallows Eve, with related searches for everything from [black tutu] to [black corset]. Some are even looking to be the alter ego [white swan].

The lure of being an Angry Bird for Halloween can’t be just a kid thing, since most people I know play the game religiously on a multitude of platforms including iOS, Android, and even Google+. However, as Google points out, the serious adults amongst us want to be a Black Swan, made popular by the Oscar-winning film of the same name.

For the kids, it appears as if the big winner of Halloween 2011 will be a pig costume, made popular by the cartoon “Olivia“.

Some other interesting tidbits Google dug up from its trends:

  • Everyone has a sweet tooth this time of year, but [candy corn] remains the undisputed king of people’s cravings. In the last 30 days, search volume is nearly twice as high for [candy corn] than for other candy choices
  • Per capita, Alabama is searching the most for [candy corn] this year
  • Although overall in 2011 [lady gaga costume] leads [nicki minaj costume] in search volume, right now they’re neck and neck

What are you and your children dressing up as for Halloween? Tell us in the comments. Maybe Google trends doesn’t actually reflect which costumes will be worn the most.

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