If you ask it politely, Google will tell you your IP address

If you ask it politely, Google will tell you your IP address

Google is known for having some tricks in its web search, for example the calculator. Just type in some simple formula and you will get your result. You can ask for time, stock quotes, convert units and currencies, spell check and a lot more.

There’s a new addition to those search functions – Google will now show you your IP address. As it states on Google’s support page, when you type what is my IP, Google will respond by showing you the IP address of the computer from which the query was received. I should note that Google will show you your public IP address, the one that identifies your computer on the Internet.

If your computer is a part of some corporate network, you will see the external IP address assigned to that network, while your computer will have an “internal” IP address assigned to it by a router or a modem.

Useful or not, it’s nice to see that Google is working on making its search more human. Who knows, in a couple of years they might end up as a web version of Apple’s Siri.

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