Google: 190 million Android devices activated worldwide. That’s about 576,900 a day since May

Google: 190 million Android devices activated worldwide. That’s about 576,900 a day since May

Google today announced that it has seen 190 million activations of Android devices worldwide during its quarterly earnings call. Google has reported record earnings of just shy of $10 billion that have exceeded estimates by nearly $1B.

In May of this year, Google announced that there had been 100 million Android devices activated and in June it said that it was activating 500,000 devices a day across 36 OEMsand 215 Carriers. At that time, they said that there were 450,000 Android developers and 200,000 apps available to consumers. Google’s run rate from all of its mobile business was reported at $2.5B.

Averaging the 90 million activations over the last 156 days since May 10th, when Google last announced numbers, gives us 576,900 activations a day using ‘back of the napkin’ math. That’s massive growth for the platform and obviously good news for Google which depends on getting as many users of the platform as possible in order to display its ads on more devices.

When questioned about Android, Google’s Larry Page referenced its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, saying that “We’re serious about protecting the Android ecosystem…we see Android going Gangbusters.”

This statement is interesting in that Page is making it clear that it wants people to see Motorola as a way that it can make sure it has a place in the mobile device business, regardless of partners. Google clearly wants to control its own mobile destiny and has purchased Motorola in a bid to keep the pipelines to user eyeballs open.

Apple’s iOS platform devices are sitting at the 250 million mark, 100M of which are iPhones. These numbers were reported at the recent iPhone event.

Google’s stock is currently trading at 592.89‎, up +33.90‎ (6.06%‎)  in after hours trading.


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