Connect your YouTube and Google+ accounts to see what friends are sharing

Connect your YouTube and Google+ accounts to see what friends are sharing

The Google+ team gave us some news today about a new discovery feature for YouTube, utilizing Google+ shares.

One of the main problems for me while using Google+ is that there is so much information coming through my stream. I can’t see just videos that have been shared without searching for a string that includes the word “YouTube”.

Now, you can see what videos your Google+ friends are sharing from the YouTube homepage.

From the YouTube team:

Good news: now you can discover new YouTube videos that your friends are sharing on Google+ on the YouTube homepage. Head over to the YouTube Settings page ( ) and “Connect” your YouTube Account with your Google+ account to start seeing videos shared with you in Google+ show up on the YouTube homepage.

Since you’re already probably logged into Google+ when you visit the YouTube account sharing page, just clicking connect will do the trick quickly. You’ll have to wait a while for the shared videos to show up on YouTube, says the team.

This would be a nice feature to integrate into Google+ itself, but it’s great to see other Google properties integrating the social functionality and connections of Google+.

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