Google Apps Data Loss: Causes & Solutions [Infographic]

Google Apps Data Loss: Causes & Solutions [Infographic]

We are big fans of backing up our data here at The Next Web, which is why we’ve reported on the Cambridge-based company, Backupify from the start. The startup, which made our Best of Boston list, backs up cloud-based data, offering an all-in-one archiving, search and restore for popular online services including Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Flickr.

Today, Backupify released a research brief entitled Google Apps Data Loss: Common Causes & Simple Solutions. The report is based on research of one hundred data loss and availability incidents reported by Google Apps users within the Google Apps Help Forums. According to the research, 89% of data access issues with Google Apps were related to data loss, and 11% of data access issues were related to availability. At 63% of all data loss problems, user error is by far the most common cause of loss in Google Apps. Hacked accounts represented 8% of data loss cases.

What’s reassuring to know? 100% of incidents were beyond Google’s control.

 “A lot of insights were revealed by the results of our Google Apps Data Loss research, including support for continued confidence in Google’s reliability. It’s also clear that user error remains a fundamental data loss concern regardless of the computing environment,” said Backupify CEO and Co-Founder, Rob May. “These findings not only support the important role that solutions like Backupify serve in protecting and restoring data, but also in instilling confidence and control as businesses moves to the cloud.”

To summarize the data, Backupify made this handy infographic. Click the image to enlarge:

Featured image: Shutterstock/happydancing

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