Developer email hints at some big changes coming to the Chrome Web Store

Developer email hints at some big changes coming to the Chrome Web Store

Google appears to be ramping up for some big changes in the Chrome Web Store, sending out emails to developers that detail what will need to be done in order to be in compliance with the things to come.

  • There’s no one feature that specifically stands out, but here’s a look at what’s being passed on to those who need to know:
  • A new UI is coming, so developers are being told to upload new creative assets in order to be featured for promotion.
  • Localized storefronts in 24 countries will also have an improved experience as Google will begin featuring apps and extensions that are local to that area.
  • Developer payments will be coming to 20 countries, enabling paid apps for more creators.
  • Native Client apps are now going to be allowed in the Chrome Web Store

New categories and subcategories will start showing, toward the end of the year, though Google hasn’t detailed them just yet. In fact, Google hasn’t set out an exact timeline for any of this, as far as the information in the email is concerned. It simply says the “near future” is when we’ll start to see the changes implemented.

When the Chrome Web Store launched, it appeared to usher in a new era for life on the Web. But has it lived up to the hype? Are we yet in the generation of people who can comfortably break away from our desktops, working primarily in the cloud? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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