Google+ users can now disable comments or lock posts before sharing

Google+ users can now disable comments or lock posts before sharing

Ebby Amirebrahimi, Software Engineer at Google, revealed in a Google+ status update that disabling comments and locking posts can now be done before you actually share your post to your Google+ stream. This feature comes in response to popular user feedback, reassuring the G+ community that the platform does, indeed, have its privacy and best interest in mind.

In the past, Google+ users would share to their selected circles, then rush to frantically close comments after said post was made public. In an effort to make this process painless, Google+ has made this option available before the actual sharing process occurs.

How to lock your posts before sharing:

Hovering over the share box shows that not only can you choose which circles you want to share your content with as usual, but you can now perform the comment disabling and locking feature as well. There is no word on whether this feature will be available to all users starting today, though Amirebrahimi’s post implies it will be rolling out, all the while encouraging feedback from the G+ community.

Amirebrahimi notes, “We hope these features help you feel even more secure about sharing on Google+. We’ll keep listening, and rolling out more improvements in the coming weeks and months, so let us know what you think!”

See his video below.

We’ve seen this same sort of feature-updating style of video from Google in the past when Google+ Games Product Manager, Satyajeet Salgar, revealed additional features for streams and posts on G+ games. Could this be the new way Google+ hopes to introduce new features to its community? It certainly seems more intimate and user-friendly than methods we’ve witnessed with other social networks.

You tell us: Will this new feature be useful to you, and does this come as a welcome update? How do you feel about the video-style presentations for Google+ feature announcements? Weigh in below.

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