Share your Google+ Circles with Friends

Share your Google+ Circles with Friends

The Google+ team has just announced that you can now share your favorite Circles with anyone you like, publicly.

Part of the allure of Google+ Circles was that they were hidden, so it will be interesting to see what kind of traction this gets.

Obviously if you’ve created a master circle of funny people or tech bloggers, they’re perfect to share with a friend. If you’ve created a circle of ex-girlfriends, perhaps you won’t want to share that. This is very similar to Twitter’s list feature, and of course Facebook’s latest list upgrades.

Here’s the video from the Google+ team explaining the Share a Circle feature:

Owen Prater, Google Engineer explains:

From your circles page… select the circle you want, add a comment, and then share it.

When your friends receive your circle, they can then pick and choose who to add to their own circles.

Note that when you share a circle, you’re only sharing its members at that time. The circle name is always private to you, and any changes you make to your circle afterwards are private as well.

Will you be sharing Circles with your friends?

UPDATE: Google says the new feature should be available to everyone within the next few hours.

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