Google+ launches an “ignore” option. Hide people but let them interact with your content.

Google+ launches an “ignore” option. Hide people but let them interact with your content. ...

Google has just introduced a new way of customizing Google+ so you only see content from people you’re interested in without having to completely block them.

The Block Option

From day 1, Google has provided a means of “blocking” people entirely from your Google+ experience. This would involve clicking “block” on their profile and it would result in:

  • them being removed from your circles and your extended circles
  • not seeing of their new posts in the Stream
  • not seeing anything you share with your circles
  • and them being unable to comment on your posts

The Ignore Option

Today, with the less intense “ignore” option. You can hide certain people that you don’t necessarily want to see but you’re ok with still having them interact with your content.

With the ignore option, you:

  • Won’t see their posts in the incoming stream
  • You won’t get notifications about their activities
  • You won’t see them in your circles page

Sounds like this will come in particularly useful for all the celebs that Google’s hoping will flock to the service.

It’s worth noting that both ignore and block won’t notify people that you’re not interested in them.

Where Do I Find This New ‘Ignore’ Option?

The ignore feature does not appear to have completely rolled out yet as I’m still not able to find it. Once launched however, you’ll be able to access it via:

  • Notifications in the Google+ bar, or the Notifications stream. Just click Ignore next to their name, and you’ll see a confirmation message.
  • You can also ignore someone from Incoming, and again you’ll see a confirmation message.
  • Finally, you can Ignore one or more people at once from your Circles page. Just highlight them, and click ignore.

Check out Google’s full explanation and demo of the feature below:

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