You can now share content into Google Circles with the +1 button

You can now share content into Google Circles with the +1 button

As Google announces a major milestone for its +1 button: with over 4 billion daily views, it’s giving its new product a much needed update.

Google has just announced what many Google+ and Google Circle fans have all been waiting for.
We’ve needed a way to easily share content to our growing Google Circles, and the +1 was staring us in the face but it wasn’t doing much except redefining social SEO. Beginning today, Google is making it easy for you to share webpages with your Circles, directly from the +1 button.

Google will be rolling this new feature out over the next week but if you want early access, sign up here.

When it’s live: Just +1 a page as usual and look for the new “Share on Google+” option. From there you can comment, choose a circle and share. It’s very similar to the Facebook Recommend button, but it’s all about bringing fresh content to your Circles not your Newsfeed.

When you share content from the +1 button, you’ll notice that Google automatically includes a link, an image and a description in the sharebox. Google is calling these “+snippets,” and they’re very similar to “comments” in Facebook’s Recommend feature.

Watch this video below for more detail:

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