Google+ rolls out new ‘smart’ floating black nav bar, with the cutest demo video…

Google+ rolls out new ‘smart’ floating black nav bar, with the cutest demo video…

Google+ designer and engineer Andy Hertzfeld, who we had the privilege of interviewing here, has just announced a small but notable new feature on Google+.

The top black bar that has become an iconic new design feature of Google’s will now find a home for itself fixed to the top of your screen, so it will remain ‘floating’ as you scroll down the page. It’s a small design tweak but should make your browsing experience that little bit more productive with the ability to access other Google products and notifications without having to scroll back to the very top again. Currently we believe it’s only Google+ that will have the feature and if you don’t have it now, you will have over the next few days as its roll out completes.

The good news for users on a smaller screen is that the new bar works as normal on smaller screens or when you shrink your window size. ‘Smart’ right?

Now why is this video so cute? Well frankly, even as a grown married (to a woman) man, I just found watching this legendary designer (and he is a legend) blatantly reading ever so slowly and conscientiously as he explains the new features, truly adorable. Heck, if I’m really honest, I only wrote this post because of the video.

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