Google improves sitelinks for better search results

Google improves sitelinks for better search results

Google search just became a lot more intuitive. The Official Google Blog reports that Google will be rolling out new features claiming to both expand and improve their original “sitelinks” format.

The new sitelinks format is meant to make your Google search experience both quicker and easier by predicting what you are searching for and displaying relevant sections of the sites you might want to visit.

According to Daniel Rocha, Software Engineer at the Sitelinks Team, this feature “is particularly handy for large and complex websites. Sitelinks can also give you a good overview of a website’s content, and let webmasters expose areas of the site that visitors may not know about.”

Here are the general improvements:

  • Sitelinks are now full-size links with a URL and one line of snippet text.
  • Links have increased from a maximum of 8 links to 12, revealing more about the websites you are searching for.
  • Sitelink ranking is now also combined with regular result ranking to produce higher quality searches.
  • Sitelinks also vary based on your query, where a more comprehensive keyword search will return better results.

The changes will become effective over the next few days and in all supported languages for Chrome, Firefox, IE 7, and all other modern browsers.

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