How to spice up your Google+ profile with photos


Adding photos to your Scrapbook folder on Google+ is one of the easiest ways to liven up your profile. Just like people were taking advantage of the Facebook layout to make their profiles more striking, the same can now be done on Google+.

From using a PSD template in Photoshop, to web-based solutions, there are several ways you can easily split your images so that they’re spread across your profile.


With GPlusPic you can upload an image to the site and determine exactly which part of the image will be used in your profile.

If you have a large image and you only want to use part of it as your Google+ banner, simply upload the file and then you can scale and move the selection across the picture to your liking.

If you know the exact section of the image that you want to use, be sure to limit the image to 750×150 pixels. You can then save each image, and upload them to your profile in the correct order.

GPlusPic is also a good resource if you want to add a bit of Google+ flair to your profile picture:


With GPlusBanner you can upload an image to the site and it will automatically be split into 5 separate images which you can save to your computer.

The recommended image size on GPlusBanner is 685×125 pixels. Once the image is uploaded, hit the render button, but before you do, make sure you decide whether or not you want your banner shared on the site.

PSD Template

The drawback to using either of these services is that it doesn’t incorporate your main profile picture in the design. If you want your profile picture included in the mix, you can use a method which requires a little bit more effort on your part, and access to Photoshop, or a similar program which can handle layers.

Download this PSD template and open it in Photoshop. You can then copy and paste any image of your choice over the template, and proceed to drag and scale it to your liking.

Once you’re done, select Save for Web and Devices, and a folder will be created containing each re-sized image, which you can then upload to your Google+ profile.

If you want more tips and tricks to use with Google+, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive Google+ resource list, which is being continuously updated.

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