Google launches ‘Hotel Finder’, a new experimental search tool

Google launches ‘Hotel Finder’, a new experimental search tool

Google is today launching an experimental search tool called Hotel Finder, which is specifically designed to help users find the perfect hotel. Google’s Hotel Finder helps users narrow down their search options in the following ways:

Where to stay: Hotel Finder points users towards the most visited areas of US cities. The tool then draws a broad ‘shape’ around the area to guide users, or you can draw the area yourself if you have an idea where you want to stay:

Get a good deal: You can also see how hotel’s are priced compared to its competitors, so you can tell if it’s good value for your stay. To access this, visit the ‘Compared to typical’ section.

Compare fast: It’s annoying having to open a new tab in your browser for each hotel result and then search for images, which is why Hotel Finder will show users a collage of pictures from various hotels, Google Places reviews, and other key data within the list.

Keep a shortlist: You can add hotels to a shortlist so you can revisit and take your pick from the bunch.

As this is currently still in experimental mode, Hotel Finder is available in the US only for now.

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