How to use ANY name you want on Google+, without breaking the rules

How to use ANY name you want on Google+, without breaking the rules

In case you’ve not seen the news lately, Google is wrestling with an argument over names on its massively-popular Google+ service. Since deleting all non-public profiles only a couple of weeks ago, the company has stressed that only “real” names are to be used on Google+ and no companies are allowed to have profiles just yet.

Fortunately for you, Google has provided a way to somewhat work around this naming convention, while still following the rules. Mitch Canter, of Studio Nashvegas, points it out in a public Google+ post.

  • Edit your Profile
  • Down at the bottom look for the field labeled “Other Names”
  • Enter your pen name / pseudonym down at the bottom
  • Make sure it’s marked as public – this will index it along with the rest of your info on Google’s Search

The field that Mitch is pointing to looks like this:

“Other names” is the one that’s proven to show up in search results, but it appears that “Nickname” will as well. So, if you own Bob’s Bait Barn, make sure to put that into the “Other names” field, while holding on to your actual name for the profile. That way, when people do a search for Bob’s Bait Barn, you should appear, even while you’re sticking to Google’s rules.

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