Android: 550,000 phones activated a day, 130M devices, 6B downloads

Android: 550,000 phones activated a day, 130M devices, 6B downloads

Today, during Google’s Q2 Earnings call, Google CEO Larry Page talked about the various successes of its products. One of the most interesting of these that he shared was the fact that there are now 550,000 Android phones being activated every day.

If these numbers stay constant throughout the rest of the year, Google stands to add 99 million Android users to its stable. There’s a good chance that these numbers won’t stay constant however, as Google just announced 400,000 activations per day at Google I/O in May. That’s a massive increase in just two months.

Google also stated that there are 130 million Android devices but indicated only about 6 billion app installs from the Android Market. That means only 46 apps per device have been downloaded so far, as compared to the average iOS owner who will download 83 apps in 2011 alone.

Note that, when talking about that 550k/day number, Page specifically stated ‘phones’ and not tablets. While Android phones have quickly gained the market lead  for smartphones, tablets running the OS have not had the same runaway success.

Also at the earnings call, Google announced revenues of $9.03 billion for the quarter ended June 30, 2011, representing an increase of 32% compared to last year at this time. This figure far surpasses Wall Street’s expected revenues of $6.55 billion.

Google now sits on a pile of cash and short term investments that is worth over $39 billion dollars. Its stock is now up 12% after hours trading, showing that the market is more excited about the revenue and profit numbers then it is about the company’s rising costs.

The numbers regarding the growth of Android devices should do much to help bolster the confidence of shareholders that Google will continue to be able to deliver its primary profit center, targeted advertising, to more and more mobile users each year.

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