Google Docs for mobile gets a new design for easier sharing

Google Docs for mobile gets a new design for easier sharing

While the use Google Docs on a mobile device might have never been its strongest point, things appear to be getting a lot better, and fast. With some new enhancements to the UI, Google appears to be focusing on making finding and sharing your docs easier than ever before.

Google Docs is about collaboration, but as many of us know, others often rely on us even when we’re nowhere near a computer. That’s why we’re excited to bring the features you need to your tablet and mobile device’s browser.

There are now checkboxes for each doc and, by selecting whichever ones you need to use for collaboration, you’re given the choice to share one or any number of them with whomever you need.

It all goes along with Google’s new commitment to cleaner, more productive workspaces across all of its apps. Best of all, it’s available in a mobile app so it should work from any modern, mobile browser.

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