YouTube now offers video players without its logo

YouTube now offers video players without its logo

In what seems to be a move to attract serious video publishers, YouTube has rolled out a new version of its video player so that video makers can easily embed their videos onto their website without any prominent YouTube branding.

To make use of this feature all you would have to do is add “?modestbranding=1” to your embed code and the player will show without the YouTube logo at the bottom of the video.

Want to see how the new YouTube player looks? Check out the video below:

That aside, YouTube has also improved the preview images of high quality videos by introducing HD preview images to its videos. YouTube said:

Video resolutions have been increasing across YouTube, and the sizes of your embedded players are bigger than ever. But until now, video preview images in today’s larger players (e.g. the image that appears before you click “Play”) haven’t kept up with your high-quality and larger videos. Any new video uploaded to the site in a resolution of 480p or higher will have an HD preview image wherever the player is embedded.

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