Google Maps 5.5 for Android adds ‘Check-in’ and ‘Rate’ to places

Google Maps 5.5 for Android adds ‘Check-in’ and ‘Rate’ to places

Google has just released Google Maps 5.5 for Android. The new version adds ‘Check-in’ and ‘Rate’ buttons to Place pages, the option to edit your home address for Latitude and redesigned transit station pages.

When you’re viewing a Place page from Google Maps on your Android device, you now have the option to check in to that place or submit ratings and reviews. This makes leaving a review much easier to access directly from Maps.

If you’re a Google Latitude user, you can now also change your home or work address by editing them right within Latitude.

Google has also revamped the transit station pages in Google Maps for Android with a fresh look and a better organized layout.

You can snag the new version of Google Maps for Android here to check out the improvements. It requires that your device be running Android 1.6 or above. You can also read the full post at Google’s Mobile blog for more information.

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