Google rolls out Social Search globally

Google rolls out Social Search globally

Google has announced that its Social Search feature is now being rolled-out across the globe.

Social Search was initially introduced to back in 2009. The feature is designed to give search results a more personalised flavor, with data from users’ social sphere feeding into search results.

So, if you’re Googling for information on local restaurants and one of your social connections has blogged, tweeted or otherwise discussed this subject, it will be displayed in your search results. Watch this video if you’re new to the concept of Social Search:

Social Search is now rolling out across the globe in 19 languages. It should be available in the coming week, and more languages are promised to be on the way.

People around the world can now find similar types of social results as people in the US and elsewhere. Google also plans to introduce the +1 feature shortly.

The much-mooted shift in search towards a more social model is definitely happening, and we can expect many more developments on this front from Google in the near future. It seems that Google is the only real challenger to Facebook’s social crown.

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