Google announces Two new domains: Iraq and Tunisia

Google announces Two new domains: Iraq and Tunisia

Google has long had different search domains that catered to different countries and their languages.

Google offers search on different regional domains, such as for France and for Djibouti, in order to provide the most locally-relevant results. Google has  steadily brought its search engine to many of the world’s domains, and today it was  announced on our Google Arabia Blog that its adding two more: for Iraq and for Tunisia. This brings the number of local Google search domains worldwide to 184, with 15 domains in Arab countries.

The new domains will help people in Iraq and Tunisia find locally relevant information, faster. For example, a search for [central bank] on the Iraq domain yields results relevant to someone in Iraq, such as the Central Bank of Iraq. On the other hand, the same search on the Tunisia domain returns slightly different results.

The new domains also make it easier for people in Iraq and Tunisia to access search in their preferred languages. In Iraq, people can now easily access Google search in local languages like Arabic and Kurdish; while in Tunisia, people can find the Google interface in Arabic and French. In the past, people in these regions would need to visit the domain for another country to use Google in an interface they were comfortable with. And when they did, the results would be relevant to a different region.

Local domains are a first step towards making the web more accessible and relevant for people around the world. They’re also an integral part of Google’s vision to make all of its products available in the world’s top 40 most spoken languages covering 99 percent of Internet users worldwide.

Additionally, Google plans to make more domains available in the coming months.

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