Google’s Street View site gets a massive update

Google’s Street View site gets a massive update

While we’ve heard some great stories about Google’s Street View over the years, it’s not often that we get to see the technology behind that makes it all happen. As Google has traveled the world, gathering Street Views for Google Maps and more, the team has collected some amazing images that we’ve not gotten to see as of yet.

According to the Google Lat Long Blog, a revamp of the Street View page should fix these matters.

While we’ve been able to photograph most places in Street View with our cars, plenty of unique and interesting locations around the world aren’t accessible by car. To help us visit places with smaller paths or unpaved terrain, we’ve developed the Trike, Snowmobile and Trolley, which have enabled us to share parks, ski trails, and even museums with you in Street View. You can now check out pictures and 3D models, and learn more about all of these platforms on the site.

It’s an interesting read, especially when you consider the tech behind the whole project. We all knew about the Street View cars, but did you know that there are even tricycles, for those hard-to-reach spots?

It’s fun stuff to explore, so drop by and let us know your thoughts.

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