Google lets you hide certain sites from results — no extension required.

Google lets you hide certain sites from results — no extension required.

You might remember a few weeks ago when Google released an extension for Chrome that would allow you to block the display of results from certain sites. While Google is most certainly using that information to better tweak its algorithm, it was limited to the Chrome browser.

Today, in a blog post, it appears that Google is laying down the hammer across all platforms. You’ll now start seeing a link that reads “Block all results”, allowing you to get rid of any site’s results, even without the extension.

Once you click the link to “Block all results” you’ll get a confirmation message, as well as the option to undo your choice. You’ll see the link whether or not you’re signed in, but the domains you block are connected with your Google Account, so you’ll need to sign in before you can confirm a block.

This all ties in with Google’s new algorithm tweaks that are hoping to rid your search results of content farms. Google does say that it is not using the blocked sites as an indicator for ranking, but it will look into the results as time goes on.

It should start appearing today, as long as you’re using a modern broswer such as Chrome 9+, IE8+ or Firefox 3.5+.

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