Google Chrome 10 comes out of beta. Faster, safer, improved settings for all

Google Chrome 10 comes out of beta. Faster, safer, improved settings for all

Google has today brought the its Chrome browser officially up to version 10. This was launched in beta last month, but from today all users of the standard ‘Stable’ release will get access to some useful new features.

First, the browser is faster, with a claimed 66% improvement in JavaScript performance. It’s more secure, too. Google has extended ‘sandboxing’ to Chrome’s built-in Flash player. This means that malicious code in Flash content should be unable to cause harm to your computer.

The most visible new feature in Chrome 10 is a revised Settings panel. This now takes the form of a browser tab, offering the interface a bit more space to breathe. The advantages of this are, firstly that there’s now a Search box for quickly finding any setting you’re looking for; secondly, each options page has its own URL making it easier to help others find the right setting when they need it.

Chrome 10 is available to download here. As ever, existing users will automatically be upgraded to the new build soon. That said, as with Android, it would be great if Google introduced a ‘Force update to latest version’ option for hardcore geeks. Although if they were that hardcore they’d be using the beta version anyway. UPDATE: As reader n00ge notes in the comments, you can force update Chrome. Just go to ‘About Chrome’ and select ‘Update Now’ – hidden in plain sight!

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