Seen your Google Profile lately? It just got a slick update.

Seen your Google Profile lately? It just got a slick update.

By now you’ve customized your Facebook profile to your liking, surely. But did you know that you probably have a Google Profile, as well? Many don’t, and those that do tend to not pay them much attention. With a refresh to the design and editing of Google’s Profiles, the company looks to change that.

As detailed in a blog post, Google has added a load of features to Profiles, and editing them is now way easier than ever before. Heading to the Google Profiles page, you’ll notice that it looks strikingly similar to a Facebook page, down to the ability to add some photos across the top if you so choose:

Clicking on the Edit Profile button, you’re not taken to a different page. Now, as you hover over each section, you can simply click on it to edit it inline in what appears to be a handy HTML5 and/or JavaScript function. Sections of your profile that you’ve not filled out won’t show publicly, but will be highlighted in the edit function.

The finished product can be jazzed up pretty handily and makes for a much more pleasurable viewing experience than we had previously. Oh, and if you decide that you don’t want a Google Profile, there’s a very red link at the bottom where you can click to delete it.

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