Google Launches Smart Recipe Search Tools

Google Launches Smart Recipe Search Tools

Looking for inspiration for something to cook? Google has just announced that it’s rolled out a Recipe view to its search results in the US and Japan.

Displayed as a menu option in the left-hand column alongside Images, Video, Shopping and the like, Recipes works exactly as you’d expect, filtering search results down purely to food preparation instructions. Searches can be narrowed down by ingredients, cook time and calorie content.

While it may look simple enough, Google describes Recipe View as an “Exciting technical milestone” , as it’s the first time search tools have been created based on rich snippets markup, which Google first introduced in 2009. Recipe publishers can add markup to their webpages, helping Google recognise the content correctly so that it’s included in search results.

Although only available in the US and Japan at first, further countries are set to follow in time.

UPDATE: Reader Michel Wester points out that Google Japan actually first launched a version of Recipe Search back in June last year, although it’s new to the US today. Comparing the screenshots, the new version’s filtering tools seem more advanced than that first version.

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