Google Launches One Pass: Micropayment system for publishers

Google Launches One Pass: Micropayment system for publishers

Google has today launched One Pass, a new payment system that enables publishers to charge consumers for news, articles and other content.

The service will allow publishers to set their own prices and state different terms for their digital content, a move that looks to be the opposite of what Apple recently announced with its new in-app publishing system. Under Apple’s terms, 30% of all new subscriptions made via an iOS app, with the publisher only able to set the pricing for each subscription period.

One Pass give publishers a unique platform from which they can establish and maintain direct relationships with their customers and give readers the ability to access content not only on websites but also via mobile apps.

Google is giving publishers the option of how they charge for content, supplying tools that will allow them to experiment with different pricing models including subscriptions, metered access, Freemium content or pay-per-article sales within apps or websites. Free access can also be included and discounts can be given to existing print subscribers, perfect for companies that may have signed up for an app on another mobile platform or offline.

Existing subscribers are granted access to content using a coupon-based system – publishers can give their customers codes that will verify their subscription status, offering access to content on other Google One Pass sites and apps.

Google One Pass operates across any site with the functionality enabled. Publishers can easily manage content across all of their online properties and mobile apps, “in instances where the mobile OS terms permit transactions to take place outside of the app market”.

Payments are handled by Google Checkout and is currently available to publishers in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.K. and the U.S.

The sign-up page seems to be down at the moment but Google is working on it, check back regularly to see if access is restored.

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