Managing Groups of Contacts in Gmail Just Got Easier

Managing Groups of Contacts in Gmail Just Got Easier

Google has announced via its blog that it has made improvements to organizing Gmail contacts.

Groups, which allows you to organize sets of people into lists in Gmail will see two changes. The first is that there will be a new ‘add to group menu’. This will allow you to extend your existing lists easier.

And the second improvement is to select which email address you want to use for which group. For example I can add my husband’s personal email address to my ‘family group’ and then select his work email address for the group I have for all the people in his startup, the ‘Heyzap group’.

I am a huge fan of Gmail, which is why I use Gmail for everything. However these new changes to Groups are long overdue. I remember when I first tried using Gmail Groups three years ago it was so unfriendly, I didn’t go back till earlier this year. With Facebook encroaching on Gmail’s territory every day, it will be interesting to observe what other changes Google brings to Gmail, and how fast these changes are implemented.

What other changes would you like to see come to Gmail Groups?

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