Android Market gets its own Web Store, in-app purchases coming soon.

Android Market gets its own Web Store, in-app purchases coming soon.

It has been a gripe of ours since the release of the Android Market, but there has never been a way to browse apps reliably on the Internet. Now, there is.

Purchasing and installing is seamless. You’ll see the Permissions screen, an option to select the device of your choice and then you can install direction from the Web Store to your Android device. Since your phone is connected, there is no need to plug your phone into your computer to download the application.

The new website will allow friends to recommend apps. You can grab a URL directly from the Web Store and link it to a friend, taking them directly to the page. Developers will be able to upload YouTube videos that can promote their apps, allowing greater insight than we’ve had previously.

Want to get social? You can tweet your Android Market choices. If you happen to follow the link via over Twitter via your Android device, you’ll be taken directly to the Android Market, instead of to the website.

The new My Market feature will allow you to install applications that are on one device to another that you have registered under your account.

Clearly, Google has been listening to the complaints from its users. We’re very happy to see the changes and look forward to digging in for a full review. According to the Google Mobile blog, this is just the beginning.

We’re looking forward to more details about the in-app purchases and will let you know what we find. What we do know is that Tap Tap Revenge, as well as Disney will be joining.

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