Google Docs gets a dose of Gmail, with ‘Priority Sort’ and document Collections

Google Docs gets a dose of Gmail, with ‘Priority Sort’ and document Collections

Google has rolled out some interesting enhancements to its Docs product today.

Taking inspiration from Gmail’s ‘Priority Inbox’, Docs will now offer a ‘Priority Sort’ option that Google says uses “a number of signals” to work out which are the most important documents to your right now, placing them at the top of the list. Google doesn’t go into specific detail about how it works, but the normal alphabetical and date sorting options will continue to be available if you prefer a bit of order to your documents.

In another nod to Gmail, folders have been renamed “Collections”. Like with Gmail email labels, documents can be kept in multiple collections, although like folders, collections can be organised hierarchically. Gmail labels frustrate some users who prefer the more straightforward organisation of folders, This half-way house approach should please both groups.

As Docs allows you to upload a wide range of files, Google has also introduced a new slideshow panel to preview images and videos. Videos will play directly from the panel too. Also, a new navigation option called ‘Home’ allows you to manually place the files you need in once easy-to-reach place.

In all, it’s a solid set of improvements to navigation within Docs, that should be especially welcome to those with vast collections of files.

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